PLC Timers- Learn how PLC timers work and function within PLC logic

Learn about PLC Timers and PLC Functions related to Ladder logic Timing

Types of PLC Timers and functional uses.

  • On delay timer
  • Off delay timer
  • Latch/Reset PLC Timer


PLC Timing signals to utilize in program for various functions

  • When timer is enabled
  • While Timer is running 
  • When Timer is done timing


Types of PLCTimers

PLC Timers are a combination of both FIXED and VARIABLE timers. Fixed timers are written into the PLC Ladder Logic. Variable timers are written into the logic bit have the data value of the timer accessible from either a HMI or a manual data entry page within the control. If using mechanical Timers they are always adjustable within a range.


Examples of PLC Timer usage